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Download free game Antivirus Tank ( 639Kb-zip )

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 Shot description: Setup ...

    The tank fighting against viruses on the transparent screen.
The viruses are created of your screen. An icons, a labels, a words and
other things turn into a live spiders. The viruses jump on your tanks and
begin to build the spider web. The virus drag your tank and fasten it to a
skull on the post. Also you receive a mail viruses and spam. All virus
alert messages are only the game.
    The aim of the game is to kill a verus boss. The boss has 105 viruses
and at first you must kill about 50-100 viruses. Then you can kill virus
boss just by a guided missile. The larger number of the viruses you
have killed the easier you will hit and kill the verus boss. More see ... ...
System Requirements:
Intel Celeron 466 MHz and higher
Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.
The screen resolution (important!): 640x480; 800x600; 1024x768; 1152x864.


     You need to deliver only one fatal blow to kill the verus boss.
     The virus boss lives under your screen. Sometimes it appears to walk from behind the screen and stings your tank.The virus boss is a dastard coward. It fears of shooting like death. Consequently, fire at the virus boss and it will hide under the screen until the number of the depressed viruses is smaller than about 50.
     This game is intended for one or two players. Press F2 to begin. You have 5 tanks but you can playing one or two tanks. The rest are the reserve tanks. During the game select new tank or exchange you like (key-F7).
     The spotted tank has a guided missile, a shell and a machine-gun.
     The green tank has a guided missile, a shell and a machine-gun.
     The yellow tank has a guided missile, a shell and 2 machine-guns.
     The fast tank has 2 machine-guns.
     The crushing tank has a guided missile, a shell and it can crush a veruses.
     You have no limits of the fire-arms.
     A spider virus has 8 legs. Shoot at it. If you score a direct hit, virus lose one leg. You must tear off 2-8 legs by any fire-arms. Then you will kill the virus. The wounded virus tries to pick up own legs. Be careful! There is no time to be lost. Try to kill just the wounded virus. To see the one press F11. It is show the wounded viruses inside a red circles. Deal the final blow and your screen will shake a little. F12 - put on/off the screen shake effect during the game. It means virus dies. The shell throws back the viruses a great distance away, but a machine-gun throws off the ones at short distance.
     There are a red-leg spiteful viruses and a black-leg quiet viruses on your screen. The spiteful viruses attack your tanks, but quiet viruses may jump on the tank only by accident. The larger number of the wounded viruses the larger number of the spiteful ones. That is of importance! Do not shoot at any virus. Look for the wounded legless or one-leg virus and finish the enemy off.
     Turn on the invisible tank (key-invisible). Then the red-leg spiteful viruses will not see your tank, because it is disguised. At once after shooting the tank become visible. If by accident the quiet viruse jumps on your tank it become visible too. You can turn on the invisible tank again when the one is fastened just with the skull posts.
     The viruses set the black skull posts and the red skull posts. You can destroy the black posts shooting any fire-arms. In contrast, you can destroy the red posts only by firing the guided missile. Fire at the skull posts and your tank will be free from the virus web.
     When the virus boss make four shot-holes in the tank, it will be lost. Also you will lose the tank, if the virus spiders build about 20 the black and red skulls on the posts. In this case the larger number just of the red posts the faster you will lose the tank.The limits of the number of the red posts is about 11-18:it is depends on the game level. A circles about your tank means it is in danger. Next, please select the new reserve tank if you have (key-F7).
     You can change type of virus scan on a window "Select type of virus scan". Press F2 and click the button "Select type of virus scan". Next please select a squares, a rectangles or a mail viruses and spams. Also you can change color of an affected parts on the window "Select type of virus scan" - click the button "Color of an affected parts". Press F11 - the affected parts look like the black rectangles.
     The game is over when you kill about 100 viruses and then kill the virus boss with the guided missile. It means the victory! It will be the salute to you! We shall win against any viruses and spam in the whole world! Stay clean! Good luck in the battle! Learn more how to kill enemy on 'Advice' (below) and 'Help' - 'Lessons and demonstration'.


1. To select the keys you like go to "Help-Key controls". After choice press the button . If you need during the game to change a control keys first save your game, next go to "Help-Key controls" stopping to play. After that load your game.

2. If the strength is leaving you, hit F3 and save the game. After a good sleep press F4 to resume (load) the battle and fight the enemy with the fresh strength. It is very important the screen resolution before loading must be equivalent to the saving one.

3. Invite your friend to the game to kill the viruses with second tanks.

4. From any windows you can start the game pressing F7 like F2. During play F7 calls a window "New tanks".

5. After any change in a window "New tanks" (key-F7) an initian firing position of the tanks will be changed too.

6. In a window "New tanks" you cannot exchange of the tank number (key-F8) if any your tank is fastened. Please exchange the ones during the game. Also you cannot exchange of the numbers if one tank is a ghost after a loss.

7. In a window "New tanks" a red figures at the fighting tank buttons means number of the sitting viruses on the tank, number of the viruses draging the tank or(and) number of the the skull posts.

8. Transfer the fighting tank to the reserve if the one has many the shot-holes. At once when you see the virus docter, come back this tank to the battle from the reserve again (key-F7).

9. "Active viruses" means viruses on your screen. "Hide viruses" will come during the game.

10. During play you can exchange only the tanks free from the virus spider web and free from the virus on a tank armour too (key-F7).

11. Hold the favourite tank in rezerve until the hard time has come.

12. The virus pulling your tank just with the red cobweb drags the one. If you kill this virus, then the other pulls by the red cobweb.

13. If your guided missile is still flying, and you want to shoot again, then reloud your gun (key-Reload a missile).

14. The red cross repairs your tank. It is a docter. Pick up it and you repair your tank.

15. A black cross is surprise from the virus boss. Do not pick up it. You will get the hole, but the black cross cannot kill your tank.

16. Dodge a spiteful viruses. Often the ones becomes blind approaching your tank. Quickly dash aside, perhaps, the virus will be miss the aim.

17. If the enemy knocks the turret of your tank down, try to pick up it.

18. The game is over when you kill the virus boss or when you have no the tanks in reserve.



     When you downloaded the ZIP file, open the one with a ZIP utility and extract the files to a directory you like. The file contents:
     2)readme.htm, readme_rus.htm, readme_esperanto.htm, readme_ukr.htm, readme_byel.htm ... .
Execute the file Setup.exe and the setup wizard will guide you through the installation process. Next, open the game with a icon on the Desktop or the Start menu.
Good luck!

E-mail: Indicate in subject 'twogames'.

PAD file antivirustank10.xml

Designed and programming by Valentine Verchenko